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WARC 1819 logoEmily Morgan will be circumnavigating with the World ARC (WARC) in 2018/19, this is a once in a lifetime experience. The World ARC follows the trade winds along a tried and tested route and is a mix of long ocean legs, shorter passages and cruising, with organised tours and social events along the way. As part of an organised rally, a lot of the planning is done for us and we can concentrate on sailing, exploring and making sure that you, our guests, have a great time.

The rally starts from St Lucia in early January 2018 and crosses the Caribbean Sea, through the amazing Panama Canal and across the Pacific, stopping to explore the Galapagos and many spectacular island groups, to Australia where we cruise inside the majestic Barrier Reef before crossing to Lombok in Indonesia. The route then takes us across the Indian Ocean to Mauritius and Reunion before skirting the bottom of South Africa and back across the Southern Atlantic to enjoy carnival in Brazil before heading back to the familiar Caribbean to end in St Lucia in April 2019 after 26000 miles and 15 months.

We have divided the rally into legs of approximately a month each and are offering discounts on multiple legs.


LegDatesDaysRouteDistancePriceSpaces Left?
16th Jan - 4th Feb29Saint Lucia
Santa Marta
San Blas Islands
Panama Canal
£3500Fully booked!
26th Feb - 25th Feb19Panama City
Las Perlas
940nm£3500Fully booked!
326th Feb - 22nd Mar24Galapagos
2980nm £3500Limited spaces available - please enquire for details
424th March - 23rd Apr30Marquesas
830nm£3500Fully booked!
530th Apr - 5th Jun36Tahiti
Society Islands
Bora Bora
1630nm£4200Only 1 space remaining (F)*
66th Jun - 3rd Jul24Tonga
580nm£3500Limited spaces available - please enquire for details
77th Jul - 6th Aug30Fiji
Vanuatu, Mackay
Airlie Beach (Australia)
1780nm£3500Limited spaces available - please enquire for details
812th Aug - 13th Sep32Airlie Beach
2550nm-Friends & Family only
915th Sep - 18th Oct33Lombok
Christmas Island
Cocos Keeling
3460nm£3500Fully Booked!
1024th Oct - 25th Nov32Mauritius
Richard’s Bay
Cape Town
2200nm£3500Only 1 space remaining (M)*
118th Jan - 9th Feb32Cape Town
Saint Helena
Salvador (Brazil)
3600nm£3500Fully Booked!
1217th Feb - 21st Mar32Salvador
Northeast Brazil
2300nm£3500Only 2 spaces remaining
1331st Mar - 14 Apr14Grenada
St. Lucia
120nm£1400Only 1 space remaining (M)*

All dates are subject to confirmation.

*M/F denotes Male or Female spaces available (due to cabin arrangements).

10% discount for multiple legs.

Deposit of 25% due on booking, final balance due 3 months prior to joining.

What’s Included

  • Entry to the World ARC
  • Customs, cruising permits and immigration costs
  • All onboard food and drink whilst on passage
  • Organised tours, parties and events by The World Cruising Club (WCC)
  • Satellite tracking whilst at sea

What’s Not Included

    • Personal visas (if required)
    • Food/drink whilst in port
    • Flights/transfers
    • Personal insurance

Leg 1 – Saint Lucia, Santa Marta, San Blas Islands, Panama Canal

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san-blas-guna-yala-tour-from-panam-city-in-panama-city-255128We leave St Lucia with the World ARC fleet on the 7th January, heading to Santa Marta in Columbia 815 miles away. After a brief stop in Columbia’s oldest city we explore the beautiful San Blas Islands, lots of sandy islands inhabited by the friendly Cuna Indians, before heading to Colon in Panama to prepare for our Canal transit.

One of the world’s greatest human-made marvels, the Panama Canal stretches 80km from Colón on the Atlantic side to Panama City on the Pacific side, cutting right through the continental divide.

We transit the Canal in the company of the rest of the WARC fleet, which takes us into the Pacific Ocean under the Bridge of the Americas. We finish this leg in Panama City, the most modern city in South America, it is culturally diverse and driven, rough-edged yet sophisticated.

Leg 2 – Panama City, Las Perlas, Galapagos

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Leaving the bustle of Panama we head to the white sand beaches and turquoise waters of the Las Perlas islands for a couple of days exploring before the passage to the remarkable Galapagos islands. The leg to San Cristobal in the Galapagos will be 850 miles taking 6 days and includes crossing the equator with the traditional ceremony that goes with it.

Galapagos blue footed boobyThe Galapagos islands are a world-famous UNESCO site with their diverse ecosystem, tame and unique wildlife, sealions, birds and iguanas living amongst a volcanic landscape. The diving and snorkelling is amazing with a wealth of fishes, mammals and sharks. Although yachts are not permitted to cruise freely, for fear of damage to the fragile environment, there is plenty of time to explore and lots of possible excursions with local tour operators. We finish our time in the Galapagos at Santa Cruz, home to the Charles Darwin Station.

Leg 3 – Galapagos, Marquesas

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Hiva OaThis is our longest ocean passage, 2980 miles across the Pacific. The route takes advantage of the trade winds, making for a fast passage of approximately 18 days with the delights of French Polynesia beckoning. We make landfall at Hiva Oa, with time to take in such diverse attractions as the tomb of Paul Gaugin, giant Tiki sculptures and waterfalls in it’s wild, untamed landscape.

Leg 4 – Marquesas, Tuamotus, Tahiti

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We leave from Hiva Oa to spend a month cruising the spectacular anchorages of the Marquesas and the turquoise lagoons of the Tuamotos to Tahiti.

This is relaxed cruising with time to explore ashore as well as sailing through the paradise of French Polynesia. We take in Robinson Crusoe–like beaches, dramatically tall waterfalls and lush, green valleys that feel like the end of the world. Timeless little Taiohae, its bay bobbing with sailboats and tattooed locals trotting through town on horseback, is the marvellous ‘capital’ of the Marquesas. Ashore there is top notch horse riding, exceptional hiking and there are some beautiful handicrafts available to help you remember it all.

Tikehau-TuamotosThe Tuamotus are dream South Seas snapshot, the 77 atolls that make up this stunning archipelago are spread over an immense stretch of indigo-blue ocean. The silence, starry skies, coral beaches, blue lagoons, idyllic motu (coral islets) and languid pace of life captivate nearly everyone who comes here. The vast, pristine marine area offers unparalleled opportunities to encounter the menagerie of marine life.

Onwards then to Tahiti, which has long been a favourite stop by mariners since its Discovery by the new world. We finish this leg in Papeete, a vibrant multicultural city.

Leg 5 – Tahiti, Society Islands, Bora Bora, Suwarrow, Niue, Vavu’a, Tonga

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Tahiti – just the word conjures up centuries’ worth of images: hibiscus flowers; bronzed dancers in grass skirts; a humid breeze over turquoise sea. The islands of French Polynesia became legends the minute the first European explorers reached their home shores with tales of a heaven on earth where the soil was fertile, life was simple and lust was guilt-free.

Papeete in Tahiti is the start of our cruise through the Society Islands; we visit a number of islands including Raiatea, believed to be the original birthplace of Polynesia – this legendary island is a secret garden of ancient myths and hidden temples.

Bora-Bora-TahitiWe rendezvous with the rest of the WARC fleet in Bora Bora with its majestic volcanic peaks, circular reef and crystal clear lagoon teeming with wildlife, then it’s on to the Cook Islands. We briefly visit the uninhabited atoll and Marine Park of Suwarrow. Then it’s onto Niue, one of the smallest countries and one of the largest raised coral atolls on earth.

After the Society Islands, it’s onto the Vava’u Island group in the Kingdom of Tonga, where this leg ends.

Leg 6 – Tonga, Fiji

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This is another island-hopping leg, cruising the Vava’U islands in Northern Tonga. Some islands are ringed by white sand beaches while others have tropical forests, sea-level caves, and dramatic limestone cliffs with breath-taking vistas.

TongaThere are myriad snorkelling and diving, hiking trails, rugged coastlines and friendly locals (especially the kids!).

We cross the international date line in Fiji. Fiji has all the elements for a perfect cruising destination – beautiful islands, secluded anchorages and welcoming people. We finish this leg in Port Denerau, conveniently close to the airport.

Leg 7 – Fiji, Vanuatu, Mackay, Airlie Beach (Australia)

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We start this leg in Port Denerau before a rendezvous with the WARC fleet in Musket Cove for some legendary social events before a 3 day cruise to Tanna, in Vanuatu. TannaWe have a memorable trip to Mount Yasur, the closest you can get to an active volcano anywhere in the world. We then have a 10 day cruise through the archipelago of Vanuatu, before meeting up again with the WARC fleet in Port Vila, one of the most multicultural towns on earth.

We then sail from Vanuatu to Mackay, gateway to the popular Whitsunday Islands in Australia, a 7 day sail of 1480 miles. There will be time to relax and explore Airlie Beach at the end of this leg.

Leg 8 – Airlie Beach, Whitsundays, Darwin, Lombok

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WhitsundaysFrom Airlie Beach we head up Australia’s Coral Coast, inside the Great Barrier Reef, through the popular Whitsunday Islands, an archipelago with turquoise waters, coral gardens and palm-fringed beaches. The islands are one of the most popular Australian tourist destinations. The vast majority of islands are designated national parks and major attractions include access to coral reefs for snorkelling and diving, pristine beaches, and clear aquamarine warm waters.

We will spend time out on the Great Barrier Reef. This marine wonderland and Unesco World Heritage Site harbours one of richest ecosystems on the planet. Over 2900 individual reefs compose this complicated living system, along with some 900 islands scattered from the Tropic of Capricorn to the fringes of Papua New Guinea. We discover a whole new underwater world and greet over 6,600 species of flora and fauna, including 1,500 species of fish, 4,000 species of molluscs and 400 types of coral.

Inside the shelter of the Barrier Reef we sail up Queensland’s coast and round to Darwin to meet up with the rest of the fleet with a few stops on the way. We have a few days to explore the city of Darwin, it is a melting point of cultures with lots of history and an opportunity to visit the Kakadu National Park.

With Darwin’s proximity to Asia, it is a relatively short sail of 945miles to Lombok. Blessed with exquisite white-sand beaches, epic surf, a lush forested interior, and hiking trails through tobacco and rice fields, Lombok is fully loaded with equatorial allure.

Leg 9 – Lombok, Christmas Island, Cocos Keeling, Mauritius

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We now sail across the Indian Ocean, starting from Lombok we visit Christmas Island and Cocos Keeling before the passage across to Mauritius.

Christmas Island is an island full of natural wonders: from the unique annual red crab migration at the start of the wet season to rare and unusual birds and glorious deserted beaches where the only footprints in the sand are those made by nesting turtles.

Cocos KeelingThe Cocos Keeling Islands are Australia’s last unspoilt paradise, kissed by the sun and caressed by fragrant trade winds. Offering spectacular snorkelling, world-class diving, excellent fishing and the adrenalin-rush of kitesurfing. We have a few days here to enjoy the water sports, relax on empty beaches, watch spectacular birdlife and visit Home Island to discover the culture and traditions of the Cocos Malay people.

Cocos Keeling to Mauritius is 2350 miles and is expected to take approx. 17 days. Mark Twain once wrote, ‘Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius’.

Leg 10 – Mauritius, Reunion, Richard’s Bay, Cape Town

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From Mauritius we have a short sail to Reunion. From majestic landscapes and awesome viewpoints to attractive coastal cities and stunning forests the enchanting island of Reunion really packs a punch.Reunion

From Reunion we head for Richards Bay, South Africa, part of Zululand, known for hills, valleys, and historic battlefields.

After a few days exploring Durban, just south of Richards Bay we will then sail to Cape Town. The weather is unpredictable this time of year so the itinerary will be flexible. Cape Town marks the end of the Indian Ocean and Emily Morgan will be taking a well-earned rest there.

Cape Town is in the most south western province in South Africa, covering many of South Africa’s tourist destinations and attractions so there is opportunity to explore inland or fly home for Christmas.

Leg 11 – Cape Town, Saint Helena, Salvador (Brazil)

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Fishing-boat-in-Jamesbay-St-Helena-Tourism3-960x300After Cape Town we head across the South Atlantic to Brazil, first a fast downwind leg of 1700 miles to St Helena, a special place still only accessible by boat. We will spend a few days exploring this unique island including an opportunity to snorkel with whale sharks. We then leave St Helena for Salvador in Brazil, 1900 miles away.

Salvador is the capital of the state of Bahia, Brazil. With a charming Old Town (a World Heritage Site), a vibrant musical scene and popular Carnival celebrations, it is considered one of the birthplaces of Brazilian culture.

Leg 12 – Salvador, Northeast Brazil, Grenada

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Whereas elegant Rio de Janeiro and cosmopolitan São Paulo may be the best-known places in Brazil, the Northeast, or Nordeste is one of the liveliest – a land of sunny beaches, colonial towns, vibrating street parties, music and friendly people.

300px-Pelourinho_SalvadorWe start this leg in Salvador de Bahia which has an energy and unadorned beauty that few cities can match. A nexus for an incredible arts movement, Emily Morgan will be there for Carnival, a showpiece of Brazil’s culture which is a rich mixture of European, African and Latin American.

We cruise the Brazilian coast and rendezvous with the fleet before heading north to the spice island of Grenada, one of our favourite islands in the Caribbean, a 1700 mile trip which should take us about 11 days.

Leg 13 – Grenada, St. Lucia

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Tobago Cays IMG_6188From Grenada, we are back in the familiar waters of the Windward Islands for a relaxed tour north through the gorgeous St Vincent and the Grenadines, swimming with turtles and a lobster beach BBQ in the Tobago Cays are just some of the highlights. Then up to exploring our favourite places of St Lucia before the rally final celebrations in Rodney Bay Marina where we started our circumnavigation 15 months and 26000 miles earlier.