One Year On


Well it’s been a whole year since we left a wet and rainy Plymouth on 1st October to sail to the sun.  It’s been a fantastic year, visiting lots of countries, meeting interesting people and generally doing new things.  So I thought I would put pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard) and review our experiences.


Has it been what we expected?  Yes and no.  We expected great sailing and performance from Emily Morgan and we haven’t been disappointed.  Our Atlantic crossing from Las Palmas to Grenada took just 18 days as we caught steady trade winds most of the time.  She has proved herself at sea in a great variety of weather conditions and also been very comfortable at anchor.  We have had some really memorable experiences and been able to share some of them with wonderful guests.


We didn’t expect the Caribbean islands to be so diverse; it’s been a lovely surprise to find that each has it’s own culture, food and wildlife, but they have been united in being friendly and hospitable and great places to visit.  Some have a more interesting history, some have more interesting scenery or wildlife.  We don’t have a favourite, rather we have lots of favourites for different things:  Antigua for history and sailing, Barbuda for snorkelling, the Tobago Cays for reefs and turtles, Dominica for fresh produce, the French Islands for cheeses, wines and pates.  Our larder is now stocked with the best things from the different islands, including such delights as home made chutneys and preserves from local ingredients.


So it’s been a great year and we are looking forward to the future doing more of the same.  We have the 2014/15 winter season in the West Indies, chartering between the Grenadines and the Virgin Islands.  Next May we will sail from Antigua to the UK and then back to the Caribbean in November for another season of chartering in the West Indies.  We have some weeks with no bookings and places available on the Transatlantic crossings, so do get in touch if you would like to share this wonderful life.


Some statistics:

Miles sailed – 8392

Most westerly place – British Virgin Islands

Most southerly place – Trinidad

Countries visited – 10

Islands visited – 39 (not including the ones we didn’t step foot on)

Beaches visited – far too many to count!