A typical day aboard

What do you fancy doing? Emily Morgan is yours for the time you are with us and there are lots of fun things to do!

You can plan the day’s sailing to the next idyllic location, take the helm and sharpen your sailing skills or learn navigation; Emily Morgan’s sweet sailing nature makes her a joy to handle. Alternatively just sit back and sunbathe while Bones and Anna take care of every detail; she has lots of comfy places to sit back and watch the world go by.  At anchor you may want to swim or play or go ashore to explore.

Under way canoe kneeboard snorkelling
Sailing Paddle Boarding Kneeboarding Snorkelling
ringo Scuba Kiteboarding RC laser
Ringo Scuba Diving Kiteboarding Radio Controlled yachts
climbing the mast sunbathing 2 fishing Salad
Climbing the mast Sunbathing Fishing Delicious Food